RV Tips Traveling with Pets

Home Sweet Stationary Home

It has been a solid 2 years since we first moved into our 32′ Travel Trailer.  While I have enjoyed meeting and making new friends and spending time with old buddies, I think I am done with long term RV living for a looooong time.  Below is a list of reasons why I am so glad to be back in a house:

  1. BATHING:  The RV had a small bath tub and I use the word tub in the sense of one you could bathe a medium sized dog, uncomfortably.  We also had a 6 gallon hot water heater so long “Hollywoods” are not a option.  Now we are in a house where i can actually float in my jacuzzi tub and we have a 40 gallon hot water heater.  I finally feel clean and I can shave my legs without worrying about a leg cramp or slicing to an artery.
  2. KITCHEN: Now most of you know, I DONT COOK (only on Holiday occasions).  Its hard cooking for 2 people.  Its even more hard cooking for 2 people when you don’t have enough room in the fridge.  The RV fridge is the size of a dorm room fridge.  This makes it difficult to have enough meats and fresh produce to use for more than 1 week which makes your shopping more frequent which makes your spending eating out go though the roof.  Now that we are in the house with a BIG FRIDGE, our dining out moment consist of a sandwich once in a while at Subway and Monday night trivia at Smoky Mountain Brewery.  Needless to say, our pocket books are not screaming nearly as loud.
  3. ENDLESS POWER: In our RV you cant use the microwave, hairdryer and the AC at the same time.  You will blow fuses and breakers left and right and we even managed to fuse the power plug together.   It is very hard to NOT turn off the AC when using your hairdryer because it is such a  normal thing to do.  This inconvenience nearly caused Brian to have no less than 67 mini strokes telling me what i can and cannot use regarding power.   The first time I used the hairdryer in the house, Brian came flying out of the office/library and barked at me “What are you DOIN?!?!?!”   I looked at him like he had roaches crawling out of his ears.  It finally dawned on him that he didn’t have to worry about power draws into the RV.
  4. ANIMAL HAPPINESS: Our animals are tolerant and patient and very, very sweet.  Short jaunts in an RV are no big deal but when they are living in 285 sq feet 24/7  they start getting cabin fever.  Being in a place where we can throw the ball into the river, acres of running land and plenty of stuff to roll around in, Gracie’s cabin fever has subsided and shes not as twitchy.  The cats are well, cats.  Cats have their own agenda but their happiness level at being able to wander the house and run and get away from each other and us has improved their temperament.
  5. CLOSET SPACE: It is nice being able to hang my clothes if I chose and having enough room in which i can have more than 6 outfits at any given time.
  6. SOLID FRAME CONSTRUCTION:  Storms in an RV are interesting to say the least. Its almost like being in a sailboat rocking back and forth in the high winds with this roaring sound of rain pelting the aluminum roof.  Being in a home with solid frame construction, we can actually enjoy the storms and not have to worry about floating out into the swamp somewhere.
  7. WASHER AND DRYER:  I NEVER liked going to the wash house to do laundry.  The bags are heavy, its inconvenient and I am not going to spend $800 on a  RV washer that takes 4 hours to wash and dry 1 pair of pants.   Being back in the house I can wash and dry our clothes whenever we please and no one else can use our stuff.  If it breaks we call somebody to come fix it but we have more modern appliances than the RV parks so breakdown issues are negligible.
  8. LIVING SPACE: We have a 32 ” TV in the RV but no living space to actually enjoy it.  Just 2 really uncomfortable semi rocker chairs.  Here at the house we have a reclining couch and a 50″ TV.  I can stretch and not have to worry about punching Brian in the face by accident.  We have a pub style table and chairs which I use as my office space here at the house instead of the dining pod area in the RV.  I can move, bend, jump around, be messy, and most importantly sleep comfortably  in our KING SIZED bed.